Loan Support

Our Loan Support Services

We inform our Customer about financial support in three stages:

Sending Formal letter:

After getting Application from Sales Department, Customer Care will send a formal letter to each and every customer to inform about the financial support.

Verbally at the time of Allotment Ceremony:

At the time of Allotment hand over program the customer will inform by customer care executive about the whole procedure of financial support.

Through Web site:

A details comparative statement and loan procedure will available in our Company website. By this a customer can get all kind of information about the financial support. When the interested customer of home loan visit in our corporate office one of executive from loan facility cell will attain the customer on priority basis.

We also arrange to introduce the interested customer about home loan with financial company through a tri party meeting. We provide customer the brochure of different financial institution stating their facility to choose the best possible source of financial support for the customer.

After getting the sanction letter from the bank we arrange all the relevant documents for the bank with help of Legal & Engineering department. We persuade the bank for disbursement at a regular basis after providing all the legal documents. We arrange to ensure optimum facility for our customer through signing of Memorandum of Understanding with different financial institute.

Required Documents


  • Trade License.
  • Income Tax Assessment Order for last 3 Years, Audited balance sheet/ Management A/C in case of partnership business.
  • Self assessed balance sheet in case of proprietorship business.
  • Bank Statement both self & Business for last 12 months. Rental income deed (if any).
  • A personal guarantee (Employed person). Photographs both applicant & Co-applicant 2 copies.
  • Loan processing fee. Allotment letter. Money receipt Service Holder.


  • Salary Statements for one year.
  • Pay slip for last 3 months.
  • National ID and Income Tax Certificate.
  • 2 copy of Photograph.
  • Proof of other Income (if any).

We provide loan support for